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A chief commissioner, Azam Khan, and two

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canada goose clearance The report, compiled by UNICEF and the Zimbabwean National Statistics Agency, shows high levels of deprivation in rural areas. Around 76.3 per cent of children in these rural areas live in extreme poverty, suggesting that almost half these children don’t have suitable food.Humanitarian organizations have warned that if these food security concerns aren’t addressed in Zimbabwe, child poverty will only escalate.Article content continued”With the economic challenges that Zimbabwe has experienced over the past three years, there is a huge risk of eroding the grains made for children,” she said.Moshiri told the Guardian that UNICEF canada goose outlet in winnipeg is calling on Zimbabwe’s government to recognize child poverty as a national priority and focus on protecting children.Zimbabwe is currently facing one of theworst droughts in its history. About 5.5 million rural Zimbabweans are facing starvation.. canada goose clearance

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